Deliver targeted rewards to engaged users at the right time and place.

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Increase engagement and revenue with compelling rewards and plug 'n play integration.


Win relevant mobile coupons that are easily redeemable from the MBJ app.

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Win New Customers and Grow Your Business.

MyBeanJar is a reward platform that allows advertisers to easily deliver branded offers to users based on achievements, completion, or other actions in their favorite content.

BeanJar Advantage - BeanJar is the only native ad/ reward system now in place that delivers user-chosen coupons at a highly-engaged moment. Our differentiator is the "post-game" prompts- reminders that are sent at the right time and place to push the consumer to make a purchase. MyBeanJar sustains engagement and creates a true connection between consumer and brand.

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Publishers and Developers

Add multiple layers of value with the MyBeanJar platform.

MBJ offers an effective way to generate incremental revenue, as well as making content more sticky, and producing higher retention. The benefit of that is users enjoy more frequent and longer sessions, thereby adding value to the publisher's other monetization methods, like paid installs, ad impressions, subscriptions, and in-app purchases. MBJ also brings new users to content through cross-promotion, referrals, and shares.

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Play the games you love, and win the stuff you want.

MyBeanJar provides exclusive targeted offers that you can win for free, just by playing the games you're already enjoying. What's better than that? The MBJ mobile app holds these valuable winnings, and lets you share them with friends, find the nearest locations, be reminded when they expire, and redeem them online and in stores. Plus you'll feel more productive with your time, knowing that you can still play games all day, while earning fun coupons at the same time. Every Bean is a full product offer- no accumulation is necessary. So go ahead, Play, Win, Cash in!

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Whether you are a developer/publisher interested in the SDK, or business interested in becoming a sponsor, or a player looking to add more fun and value to your entertainment experience...

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