Here's how it works... A player downloads the free MyBeanJar app, and registers for BeanJar, telling us their zip code and choosing their categories of interest. This allows us to deliver Beans-- which are complete offers for discounts, upgrades, freebies, two-fers, etc. from a wide variety of brands and stores-- that are directly targeted to the individual player's location and needs. Now, when the BeanJar registrant plays a Bean-enabled game, they win Beans at select moments of achievement in the game. For instance, when a player beats level three of the game, a screen appears, saying "Congratulations! You beat level three of Whomp-a-Weasel and won a half-price latte at Starbucks!" The player then clicks to continue playing their game without interruption-- looking forward to the next Bean they'll be winning at a later moment of achievement-- while the Bean is immediately deposited in their BeanJar. When the player is ready to redeem their Bean, they simply open the MyBeanJar app, scroll down to the desired Bean, click to open it, and show it to the clerk to receive their reward. It's as simple as one, two... free!


MyBeanJar gives publishers a new way to monetize their content, while adding a new reward platform to improve the user experience. MyBeanJar's elegant SDK allows developers and publishers to integrate the MyBeanJar platform seamlessly into their content. This entices game players to play their games more, and win targeted offers for achievements and loyalty.

Unlike most other in-game advertising schemes, MyBeanJar actually enhances the game play by adding this reward feature. And it can be used along with other monetization methods. Positioned as a reward mechanism, it can be employed in a free game or a pay-for-play game; and it can co-exist alongside traditional methods of banner advertising.

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